We are launching our White-Glove Care Training Program in Late 2024

We are accepting a limited number of new sign-ups for White-Glove Home Healthcare in the Greater Toronto Area.

What is it?

Home healthcare can vary from low to high complexity, many or very few hours, personal support work to nursing. The needs of the clients are always unique. However the level of service is something that we can control. White-Glove represents not only the best level of care, but also something that is continuously improving.

White-Glove is not for everyone, scroll down to learn if it is right for you or your loved one.

How does it work?

We take tremendous strides to find the best care workers, train them at our cost to attain the MyPanion Certification of Completion in White-Glove Care, and work with you to develop a plan that is right for your unique needs.

We also take the extra step of providing quality control and site visits, care consultations and updates. Whether you need a companion or chef, pet trainer or nurse, our White-Glove options are there for those that want the best.

What should I expect?

White-Glove Care Workers are few and far between. That’s why we are bringing them together here; to make it easier for you to find the right one. You should expect us to reach out and understand your unique needs.

Clients that require more than 40 hours of care per month will be prioritized as it encourages a more productive and positive relationship between them and the care workers. Once we find the one or more care workers that work for you, we schedule as needed to suit your needs.

What does it cost?

White-Glove care, like in any industry, is a higher cost for the higher degree of quality and service depth. Typically, the difference in rates depends on the type of care, complexity of the case/client, the environment, and the care worker’s expertise.

In general rates range from $50 per hours for the lower tier of complexity of care, and $150 per hour for the top. Live-in care and 40 hours or more per month always warrants appropriate discounted rates.

We are accepting new clients

If you need a Personal Support Worker (PSW), Nurse, or Therapist, reach out below and let’s start the process of finding you the Right Care Worker for your unique needs. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and require home healthcare, or know someone who does, please contact us immediately by clicking the link below.

What is White-Glove Care?

The highest of quality care provided by the best care workers

  • Client-Centered Care
  • Tailored Care
  • Higher Quality Care
  • Luxury Service Principles
  • Advanced Client Management
  • Dedicated Service Manager
  • Live-In & Long-Term Options

White-Glove Care

Who needs it?

Many of our loved ones are enjoying their retirement and still require regular visits by a healthcare worker. Some prefer a higher-quality of service and healthcare work. They value their time with loved ones tremendously and are looking for reliable, genuine, highly skilled, experienced, and empathetic care.

Long Term Clients

Our White-Glove personal support workers, nurses, and therapists are trained to provide the best care, focusing solely on you.

Residence Care

As part of our commitment to your well being, we will find the right Chef, Butler, Pet Trainer, Personal Shopper, or Companion.

Live-In Care

Live-in care requires a special level of empathy, understanding, communication, genuine care, and critical thinking skills. Our White-Glove Live-In Care Workers must pass a rigorous training program before being approved for such an honour!

A La Carte

What do you need? What can we do to make your life better, easier, more enjoyable? We are here to listen, and develop a plan that suits you. Your happiness is our happiness.

Limited Availability

We have fewer Care Workers than there is demand. This is not something new in our industry. But, since we prioritize customized matching of clients and care workers, there may be room in our schedule for you or your loved ones! Click below, reach out, and let’s get you Better Access to Better Care!


We help you find the right care workers within four broad categories of Home Healthcare services

Personal Support





Grocery Shopping

Medication Help

Pet Care

White Glove Care

Lifelong Friendships



Fashion Advisors

Personal Shoppers

Medication Management

Pet Training


ABA / Behaviour

Massage Therapy

Occupational Therapy


Respiratory Therapy

Speech Therapy

Advanced Care

NP (Nurse Practitioner)

RN (Registered Nurse)

RPN (Registered Practical Nurse)

Nursing Assistants


Want to learn more?

Are you unhappy with the care you are receiving?

Do you want to work for a company that Cares for you?

What we do differently

We Care for the Care Workers

We strive to treat Care Workers with the same support, dignity, and empathy as we would like them to treat our loved ones.

We Want Only the Best Care Workers

MyPanion wants to attract the best of the best, because we pay Care Workers more, we offer them better matches, and we offer them incentives like cash back, benefits, insurance contributions, education contributions, and/or contributions to their pension plan!

Granular Matching

We match Care Workers and Clients manually, making sure to know each Client’s and Care Worker’s unique needs and wants. We would rather not make a match, than to make the wrong match.

How can we help you today?

Are you looking for a high quality Care Worker?

Are you a Care Worker looking for the Right Client?

Why work with us?

Happy Clients are Rooted in Valued Care Workers that can Grow in a Safe & Stable Career

Better Pay

We believe that this industry needs change. Care Workers are often undervalued and underappreciated. Agencies should pay Care Workers more, and grow their business through referrals and word-of-mouth. All we ask of our Care Workers is that they provide the very best care for our Clients.

Happy Care Workers = Happy Clients!

Peace of Mind

Weekly reports from MyPanion help you and your loved ones stay up to date on the care that has been provided.

They also empower you to give feedback on each experience through a third-party, objective feedback platform that does Not collect your personally identifiable information!

Open communication between MyPanion and Clients is a Top Priority for us to provide excellent care!

Loyalty Bonuses

If you work 1,000+ hours per year, we will give back a portion of our fees in any format you choose: Cash, Pension Contributions, Insurance Contributions, Benefits, Education Contributions…You Tell Us!

We want Care Workers to feel valued, appreciated, and empowered. We share the profits of each care visit with Care Workers!

We are looking for the best…

Personal Support Workers, White Glove Care Workers, Therapists, and Nurses

We are also looking for new clients in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area