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This information is used for two purposes: 1) to better understand the diversity of our workforce; and 2) to help make more accurate matches between Care Workers and Clients. Only the Human Resources Office will have access to this information. If you identify as a Transgender, or for any other reason(s), you may select more than one option. MyPanion is an inclusive agency.
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In order to best match you with the right Client, we need to know more about your educational background.
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What Kind of Position Suits You Best (select all that apply)
Help us determine what time commitments suit your needs best. Typically, Full Time is up to ~160 hours per month and ~2,000 per year (not including lunch breaks), and Part Time is ~80 hours per month and ~1,000 hours per year (not including lunch breaks).
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There is no judgement here. Feel free to be honest and transparent. We want you to be comfortable with the clients that you work with.
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The less you have to travel to reach each client, the less carbon footprint we leave behind, the more time you will have for clients and your personal life, and the lower the overall cost to provide your services!
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